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  • Student Conduct at Sports Games

    Student Conduct at Sports Games

    As sport’s competition rises, fans are following the lead. At Leigh High School, students have been going above and beyond showing their school spirit, but the question buzzing around is, what’s the limit? [...]
  • Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice

    Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice

    Unfortunately, Zack Snyder’s third outing in the superhero genre, the first two being the prolific “Watchmen” and the lukewarm prequel to this film, “Man of Steel,” has nothing in common with Frank Miller’s ideologically challenging “The Dark Knight Returns” from which it takes its premise. [...]
  • New Parking Lot Rules

    New Parking Lot Rules

    Effective on March 1, the Leigh High School administration will be enforcing new rules regarding student drop off and parking. [...]
  • Varsity Baseball

    Varsity Baseball

    The smell of the dust, taste of sunflower seeds, and the ringing of a bat let us know it is spring, and time for another season of Leigh baseball. [...]




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