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Bryan Carlen Revamps LHS Sign – The Eleight

Bryan Carlen Revamps LHS Sign

Leigh High School has been updating and modernizing year after year through the district’s demands. Now, a student is taking it into his own hands. Senior and ASB President Bryan Carlen just finished redoing the LHS sign on the dirt hill in the bowl. This sign can be  seen by many as they walk into football games and other various events held in the bowl. The sign has been around for years and was starting to look worn down, so Carlen took the initiative to modernize Leigh’s signature.

Carlen is doing this selfless deed for his Eagle Scout Project through his boy scout troop, Troop 339.  “I have to complete a project for the community to earn the award, and wanted to give back to Leigh which has given me so much,” said Carlen. He is very involved in activities here at Leigh so it is no surprise that this is the selfless deed he picked.

He fundraised by getting money from home and school club, and also online via GoFundMe. Carlen is revamping the sign with a stronger frame and a more modern look, so that it can last for many years to come.  

“Just recently, I built the forms, put them in a bowl, and poured the concrete. I plan to remove the boards and cover the letters in green and gold tile,” said Carlen, “A local parent, Mr. Marioni, has been a huge help. He has helped me plan the whole project, and with the actual construction which is not something I know a lot about myself.” He has spent the past couple of months finishing this project that the whole school can enjoy.

Thanks to Carlen and his help from Troop 339, the new LHS sign is now complete.