Football Violence

Football attracts a lot of attention from the students at Leigh and the general community. This attraction arises not so much from the teams themselves, but from the fans of those teams. Eventually, the fans of competing teams will cross a line which manages to anger the other fan , causing acts of violence that can result in great injury.

All the people in the stands and on the field during football games, get riled up.

“[The game] makes you filled with energy. It makes you confident. You feel like you can do anything,” said Nick Kaletta, senior.

The people of the game such as fans, students, and players strive to achieve victory. That adrenaline flows through the blood of everybody, and is what can trigger violent actions.

In 2012, Leigh beat Branham in the annual rivalry football game. After the timer of the fourth quarter went off, the students of Leigh stormed the field and put others in danger. As the students from Leigh were jumping over the fence, people were at the risk of getting trampled. While the students were running down the bleachers, people in the stands were at risk of being kicked.

Going from Leigh to the NFL, the same thing occurs. On Sept. 15, 2015, the San Francisco 49er’s were playing the Minnesota Vikings. During the game, one Vikings fan and one 49er’s fan were getting in each other’s face and starting an argument. Eventually, the Viking fan was on the ground in agonizing pain while the 49er fan was kicking him upside the head.

The sport of football is very popular throughout the United States. It appeals to a big percentage of the community. According to, about 64% of the United States watches NFL football. Rivalry teams and their fans don’t tend to get along, and that can eventually lead to violent acts.