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Haunted House Thrills Guests – The Eleight

Haunted House Thrills Guests

This Halloween season, Leigh’s Performing Art Center (PAC) was turned into the spooky Hȏtel du Mort. With a total of 62 students in the cast and 50 in the crew, Leigh students have put in hours of hard work and dedication. As a student run production, the haunted house is written and directed solely by Leigh students. The students mainly involved were Director Lindzi Blair; Assistant Directors Hannah Stein, Lauren Coleman, and Francesco Fimiani; Producer Nashara Garrison; and the Stage Manager Hannah Stein, The three students who wrote each script were Liv Jol, Kennan McCarty, and Pablo Aguilar.

This year, Leigh proudly presented their 6th Annual Haunted House. The setting was presented as a haunted hotel in New Orleans–the Hotel du Mort which is French for hotel of death. The audience was then led through different rooms in the hotel seeing ghosts, dolls, seances, voodoo, and many other spooky objects. Each of the three scripts were set in different time periods, showing the deterioration of the hotel over time. The haunted house consists of three scripts that are all intertwined.

“Personally, I like the 1st script the best because the guide, Isaiah, is such a creepy and complex character that sparks fear in you in such a different way. But if you want something more comical, the 2nd script’s guide, Tom, is hilarious and makes the haunted house a little more light hearted,” said Senior Linzi Blair, director.

In the lobby, they had a lot of props that really made it feel like a hotel, especially the first room being an elevator. It was very well put together and walking through; it was clear to see how much time they spent on it. Although the students involved were people that I know and have seen around on campus, the props, makeup and costumes were so detailed and scary that the students were unrecognizable. It was amazing to see how well they were each able to stay in character no matter who walked in.

“I really enjoy the Jazz room, but that’s because I love both New Orleans and Jazz music,” said head, Bryan Ringsted.

Actors and actresses took their individual role very seriously and performed excellently.