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Views of the Presidential Candidates – The Eleight

Views of the Presidential Candidates

The presidential election of 2016 will soon be upon us and the campaigning will soon begin. Even though most Leigh students will not be able to vote in the upcoming election, it will still be beneficial to know what kind of views that the future president may have and support. There are numerous candidates in both the Democratic and Republican parties, so only the currently most significant candidates for each party will be discussed.

Donald John Trump holds a moderate lead in popularity for the Republican Party. Speaking on Fox News in 2013, Donald Trump said that automatic budget cuts do not go far enough and Congress must reduce spending further to address impending increases in the deficit. The real estate tycoon told CPAC in 2013 that Republicans should not cut Social Security or Medicare because most Americans want to keep the benefits as they stand now. His solution is unclear, but he has indicated that general economic growth would play a role.

“I am a very strong person on the Second Amendment,” said Trump during a 2013 interview with Fox News. He believes guns are necessary for self-defense and has written that he generally opposes gun control. In his January speech to the Iowa Freedom Summit, Trump called for securing the southern border and indicated that he believes half of the undocumented residents in America are criminals. In 2013 at CPAC, the businessman said he believed Republicans should block any path to citizenship or voting status for undocumented immigrants. In early 2015, Trump said that he felt the U.S. may need “boots on the ground” to fight the Islamic State. Soon after, he clarified to Fox News that he would send limited numbers of troops if all of his military advisers recommended it.

 Despite the issues surrounding her recent server scandal, Hillary Rodham Clinton remains the favored Democratic Candidate. Clinton decried President George W. Bush’s trademark education program, calling No Child Left Behind an unfunded mandate, and pledged to end it if elected. Clinton supports comprehensive immigration reform, including a path to legal status for undocumented immigrants.

Clinton believes the National Security Agency needs to be more transparent. In an interview in February, she also said that the nation needs to “draw a line” and generally find balance between security needs and privacy. The former Obama cabinet member strongly supports the Affordable Care Act, telling NewsHour’s Gwen Ifill last year that Democrats should support the health care law and run on its success, rather than run away from it.

Clinton is a staunch supporter of legal access to abortions. “Family planning is an important part of women’s health and reproductive health includes access to abortion,” said Hillary Clinton at a Congressional hearing. Clinton now supports same-sex marriage. “This had not always been my viewpoint” admits Clinton. Clinton believes the U.S. should use air support to fight the Islamic State, and that American and other Western troops should not be fighting on the ground in the region. Instead she argues that regional forces, especially the Iraqis, should provide ground troops. During an August interview with The Atlantic, Clinton said the President’s failure to help Syrian rebels directly led to the rise of the Islamic State.