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Volunteering Opportunities Abound In and Out of School – The Eleight

Volunteering Opportunities Abound In and Out of School

As the school year ramps up, many students are looking for volunteering opportunities — whether to give back to the community, meet requirements, or to pad college applications.

“I decided to volunteer at Good Sam[aritan] because I wanted to get insight to what it would be like to work in a hospital since I want to be a doctor and give back to my community,” said Adina Greene, senior, who has volunteered around 230 hours at the hospital.

Luckily, there are many ways that one can earn service hours and help others in need.


Leigh High School Clubs

On campus, many clubs provide members with opportunities to do community service. Interact Club works to fundraise for an International Project every year and provides opportunities such as cleaning up the campus or volunteering to run crafts for homeless children at the San Jose Family Shelter. Birthday Givers Club works to raise money and throw birthday parties for homeless children, who otherwise would not get the chance to celebrate their birthday. Additionally, National Honors Society provides the widespread, in-school tutoring services at Leigh and is planning to volunteer with multiple organizations throughout the school year.


Options Outside of School

Outside of school, organizations offer long term and short term community service options. Local long term options include joining the Junior Auxiliary at Good Samaritan Hospital, which involves discharging patients, transferring specimens to the lab, and work in units; volunteering at the Humane Society of Silicon Valley through their “Compassion in Action” program to socialize and train animals; or working with sick and injured animals at the Wildlife Center of Silicon Valley. Short term options include signing up to hand out water bottles, food, and medals at local walk/runs; cooking and serving food at soup kitchens; attending a Trail Day through the Santa Clara County Parks volunteering events; or sorting in Sacred Heart’s food pantry and clothes closet.

Due to the wide variety of volunteering opportunities, finding an organization or club with goals to match individual preferences and passions is easy to do .

“I’ve always had a passion for working with animals and watching them get better. It’s such an interesting experience and I’ve learned so much since I’ve started there,” said senior, Clare McCann  about her experience at the Wildlife Center of Silicon Valley.

Regardless of the type of volunteering opportunities being sought after, anyone can find an option that works for them.


Volunteering Specifics:

Interact Club – Wednesdays at lunch in room 22

Birthday Givers Club – Mondays at lunch in room 18

National Honors Society – Join by application and academic GPA of 3.5 or higher; Thursdays at        lunch in room 48

Good Samaritan Hospital 

Human Society of Silicon Valley 

Wildlife Center of Silicon Valley 

Santa Clara Parks and Trails

Sacred Heart 

Find local volunteering opportunitieswww.volunteermatch.org or www.sanjoseca.gov