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Air Conditioning at Leigh – The Eleight

Air Conditioning at Leigh

The neglect of funding for air conditioners for the past ten years has finally ended.
Assistant Superintendent of Business Services, Brett W. McFadden, announced at the board meeting on Oct. 15 that the installation for air conditioning on Campbell Union High School District campuses is expected to begin in the summer of 2016.
Leading up to this announcement, students were sweating under extreme conditions during the heat wave at the beginning of the school year. This raised major health concerns and resulted in two unscheduled minimum days on Sept. 9 and Sept. 10.
In the past, the temperature was still an issue, but it has become even more of an issue with the increasingly earlier start day for the school year. The problem began when the beginning of a new school year started during the second week of August, whereas in 2012-2013, the school year started at Aug. 20.
The result was an overall longer exposure to the temperatures of summer that impacted students and teachers in classrooms with no air conditioning.
There is a Campbell Union High School District contract stating that the classrooms must be in safe working conditions for both the students and staff. This contract is applied to the Teacher’s Union, the union for teachers in Leigh High School. According to the contract, “Teachers shall not be required to work in unsafe conditions or to perform tasks that endanger their health or safety” (Article 15).
Therefore, students and staff should not be sweating in a 90 degree fahrenheit room.
With the planned installation for air conditioning during the summer of 2016, the district administration will provide a comfortable environment for both teachers and students.