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Rainy ideas preparing for El Nino – The Eleight

Rainy ideas preparing for El Nino

Finally, winter is coming soon! And rumor has it that something else is coming as well… El Niño! You may be thinking, how can I enjoy a rainy day when I am stuck inside the house? Here are a few ideas:

  1. Make a personal spa! Cucumbers, lotion, homemade scrubs…. Grab some thick lotion, nail polish, honey and sugar (for a lip scrub) and get comfy!
  2. Have a mini film festival with your friends or family, or on your own. Netflix, popcorn, blankets and some good friends!
  3. Bake some new recipes. Go buy some holiday cookies, brownies or you can even make your own healthy granola bars from scratch.
  4. Make a bubble bath! Put 1 cup light oil into a clean cup, ½ cup honey, ½ cup body soap, and 1 tablespoon of vanilla extract into a big, clean cup and mix.
  5. Read a good, calming book. Girl at War, The World Before Us, Gone Girl and so on.
  6. Indoor workouts are never a bad idea. Check out famous YouTube trainers such as Blogilates, Karena and Katrina and more!
  7. For an outdoor activity, go outside with uncared-for clothing and boots and run through the puddles.
  8. Go for a run outside.
  9. Make delicious treats for both you and your family such as peppermint bark (Dark chocolate, white chocolate, peppermint) or chocolate dipped rice-krispy treats.
  10. Make hot tea with honey and lemon. It’s soothing and warm for the throat, especially on a cold-wet day!
  11. Play Heads-Up with a few good friends or family. Get the application on your electronic device
  12. Paint, draw, or sketch with an open window by you, so you can be creative and listen to the rain fall.
  13. Learn how to sew or a fleece tie blanket.