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A push for AP detracts from honors – The Eleight

A push for AP detracts from honors

At Leigh High School, there is a wide variety of AP courses offered. A multitude of sciences, math, english, history, and an art class. All high-level, difficult classes, they provide students with a great challenge and a nice little GPA boost as well. Be that as it may, AP classes are stressful and require great effort and time. As a result, it is nearly impossible to take more than a few AP courses at once.

While not always looking for an AP course, high-level students often look for a greater challenge than on-level classes provide. Honors courses are a wonderful in-between which challenge the student without overworking them. Unfortunately, in the past few years, more and more honors courses are disappearing from the school curriculum. Once offered, classes such as Physic Honors, World History Honors, and English 4 Honors no longer exist. This leads to some students being forced to choose between an AP class that is a greater commitment than they desire or a class that is subpar to their learning level.

“As a concerned citizen of Leigh, the lack of honors classes is a huge barricade for students who wish to challenge themselves more, but simply can’t or do not want to take AP courses,” said Cooper Thayer, junior.

There has recently been a greater push for more students to take AP classes. While AP classes present wonderful opportunities to students, it is unreasonable to expect that students can take AP courses in all subjects. This spreads students too thin, overall diminishing their abilities to succeed. By taking away honors courses, students are either pushed too far or forced to detract from their educational growth by taking a lower-level course.

Honors courses only serve to increase individual growth but the courses are slowly disappearing. Freshmen are not offered as many opportunities to be challenged and seniors have no courses that are available in honors. To better the learning environment and opportunities available to students, Leigh ought to revive its variety of honors courses. Together, the student body can raise awareness and urge the school board to provide us with as many chances to excel as possible by bringing back honors courses instead of trying to force everyone to take APs.