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Necessity of the SAT and ACT – The Eleight

Necessity of the SAT and ACT

Over the past years, about all students have been praying and hoping for great test scores to get them into their dream colleges. Although, are SAT and ACT scores really worth the trouble if some colleges have recently chosen to not look at them?

In a sense, I completely understand why colleges would want something other than grades or essays, however the SAT doesn’t show everyone’s full capability of what they can really do and what they can offer the school. Some students may be amazing test-takers or some may believe standardized tests are the bane of their existence.

There are very few colleges that do not require SAT scores, such as Smith College, Bard College, Bates College, and Wake Forest University. NYU and Hamilton College also do not require SAT scores, however the SAT can be replaced by SAT subject tests.

The colleges that do not require ACTs are the University of Iowa, Wake Forest, Bates and Wesleyan. However, those are only a few and there are many more that are letting go of the standardized test tradition.

Overall, I think this could open new doors for those hard-workers out there that are not good testers.