“The Choice” Movie Review

A beautiful southern scene? Check. An offbeat relationship betwixt an easygoing boy and a flustered rich girl? Check. An accident resulting in a medical crisis? Check. An overused, unsurprising plot twist? Check. A recurring aphorism that will blanket twitter as long as teens think of a love story. Check, check, and check.

“The Choice” is the 11th film to spill from the sappy love pages of a Nicholas Sparks novel, to once again, tell the story of two people who fall in love only to be struck by a tragedy. As such the classic love affair is played out in a series of overused hallmark moments, with puppies and beaches and maulin dialogue fiddled around on screen. How many times can Sparks “re-invent” the same white-bread love affair he releases every year; It seems “The Notebook” was just so good that Sparks has to retell it over and over again.  

Aside from the fact that the storyline couldn’t possibly be told another time, “The Choice” can’t possibly be appealing to anyone due to the incredibly improbable connection Benjamin Walker and Teresa Palmer (the two main characters) develop. But these two must be meant for eachother, after all, how could two attractive people who both own dogs not fall in love? The early “wooing” scenes are agonizingly hard to watch and lack genuine human connection.

To be expected in “The Choice”, rain will fall, kisses will be stolen and the whole mantra of Sparks’ laziest clichés are rolled into one movie. The only thing this movie teaches is: you have a choice in life, so make the right one and just go see “The Notebook” again.