Fuller House Review

A new generation with all the same cheesiness, nostalgia, and togetherness is exactly what “Fuller House” gave to its eager fans on Netflix. Taking place in the same house in which its predecessor , “Full House” was filmed, the Fuller family, better known as D.J. and her kids, find themselves moving into D.J.’s childhood home, along with D.J.’s fun-loving sister, Stephanie, and their intrusive, rambunctious neighbor, Kimmy, and her daughter.

Going into it, I was cautious, since I worried that the directors of the show would try to make the show almost too much like the “Full House,” which they are a bit guilty of. This is hard to avoid, since so many of the characters from “Full House,” like Uncle Jesse and Danny, made quite a few appearances. The characters also use a ton of their classic catchphrases from “Full House,” like “how rude” and “have mercy.” There’s both good and bad in this method of creating a sequel to a beloved story. It’s like watching the same story unfold. It’s nostalgic because what you were once so familiar with has come back and it feels like returning home. But it’s also oh-so-repetitive. Either way, I had fun reminiscing “Full House” with the new generation, and interesting, new storylines with similar themes and lessons to “Full House” were abundant. There’s a love triangle with both new and old characters, wacky dance routines, cheesy heart-to-hearts, etc. In all honestly, “Fuller House” just felt like a feel-good Disney Channel show with the exception of inappropriate jokes.

Sometimes, I rolled my eyes. Other times, I giggled with happiness at the adorable characters. Either way, “Fuller House” is a nostalgic, gleeful return to the family that practically every kid grew up with. It may be ridiculously cheesy, but it sure is sweet.