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Metallica Concert Review – The Eleight

Metallica Concert Review

On Feb. 6, the world famous heavy metal band Metallica, took over AT&T Park in San Francisco by honoring the night before Super Bowl 50. With over 40 thousand fans pouring into the ballpark, they were in for an amazing show in preparation for Super Bowl 50 in Santa Clara.
The stage stood two hundred feet in length and stretched out into the crowd, allowing members of the band to be up close with the fans. The band Cage the Elephant opened up with a 45 minute set. I believe that Cage the Elephant was not the ideal opener for a Metallica because their genres don’t match very well. The crowd was very lively, but nowhere near the hype and craziness that Metallica was going to bring.
Around 8:30 p.m, the opening scenes for Metallica began, and I have never heard a louder crowd in my life. With drummer Lars Ulrich, lead guitarist Kirk Hammett, bassist Robert Trujillo, and rhythm guitarist and lead singer James Hetfield coming out to the stage, the crowd was wild. Opening up with a song called “Creeping Death,” the crowd went crazy. From opening up moshpits, to singing every lyric, the show was bound to be a huge success.
Over the course of about 3 songs, James Hetfield stopped to talk to the crowd for a bit. A petition had been going around for Metallica to play the halftime show for Super Bowl 50. He stated how he believed that the way the show was put on was perfect for everybody because they got to play a full two and a half hour show rather than a half hour halftime, and they got to make their show more affordable to see. Rather than paying the minimum $4,800 for a Super Bowl ticket, the concert tickets were about $120.
Continuing on with the show, Metallica played a lot of their famous songs such as “One, Master of Puppets”, “Sad but True,” “Fade to Black,” and “Seek and Destroy”. Representing the definition of 80’s metal, Metallica brought all those aspects back to life in their show.
By the end, I was convinced that this concert was by far the best and craziest show I have ever been to. From the people surrounding you with the same music taste to the loud and insane guitar solos, the intensity level was an easy eleven out of ten. Since the 1980s, Metallica has always known how to put on an incredible show.