Leigh celebrates SLOs week

Leigh High School recently started a new tradition with their first annual SLO week. The leadership class and clubs held lunchtime activities revolving around our school wide learning objectives: Think, Communicate, and Engage.

SLO stands for School-wide Learning Objectives; all students should know them and should revolve their learning around them. Leigh originally had ESLRs, but in January of 2015 they were changed to these new and improved SLO’s.

English teacher, Meredith Moseley said, “We reviewed our old SLOs and decided that they needed revision because no one could remember them and they didn’t reflect our vision of the ideal student. But the new SLOs–Think, Communicate, Engage–cover everything from math to music to P.E. to extracurriculars.”

When supervisors walked around and asked students what they were, students were left with blank stares.  This is why the Leigh leadership class put on a week to put these SLOs into action.

On Monday for think, teachers and members the National Honors Society participated in a trivia game. Tuesday was communicate, and clubs had booths set up during lunch that students could participate in. Wednesday was a big hit with engage, clubs were writing letters to best buddies, children in hospitals, donating beanie babies and so much more. These lunch time activities were a way that students can put our learning objectives into action.

The activities director, Ophny Escalante said, “The main objective was to create something that was going to become part of what we do here at school, and that is for students to dialogue about real issues. SLO week was more substantive and felt more real.  It gave students a chance for  to think about what they do here and apply it to the bigger picture and to carry out the objectives think, communicate, and engage.”

The goal of the week was to make students aware of what they are and to know the endless ways to pursue them in one’s high school career that will eventually carry on in their life.