Polls predict California

Though the California primaries are being revealed on June 7 of this year, there are many predictions as to what is in store for the state. A survey conducted from March 6 to March 15 by the Public Policy Institute of California showed that Clinton holds a 7 percent lead over Sanders. Trump seems to be the most popular republican choice for California compared to the 2 other candidates running, Ted Cruz and John Kasich. The polls shows that Trump has  38 percent of the support, while Ted Cruz follows with 19 percent, and shortly after is John Kasich with 12 percent.

In the democratic race, it has been seen that Sanders wins the states that primarily consist of white people, while Clinton wins the states that have more diversity. In the last eight years, the number of Latino and Asian voters has grown. With California’s diversity, Clinton has a good chance winning the California primary. The California primary is very important for Sanders for it forms the essential part of his remaining hope in defeating Clinton, as Clinton currently holds a huge delegate lead. Because Sanders is popular amongst young adults, having many of them vote could result in a very close race between Clinton and Sanders. The Harvard Institute of Politics noted that Sanders’s strongest supporters and voters in terms of age are around the ages between 18 and 29. Bernie Sanders stated that because many of his voters are young, they aren’t into the habit of voting; Sanders explains that this  is the reason Clinton beat him in some of the primaries.

Trump’s views on immigration are one of the main pillars of his candidacy. Among the voters who said illegal immigration was a “crisis” in California, Trump won 48 percent of the vote, Cruz won 29 percent of the vote, and Kasich won 8 percent of the vote. Trump currently looks to be the favorite in the primary for California.