Fashion Trends from the past making a comeback

Over time, fashion has evolved a lot and keeping up with the new trends can be difficult.   Many people refrain from buying certain clothing items because they worry that the trend will be in one year and out the next.  However, as time goes on, it has become obvious that there are certain trends that have made their way back and become popular once again.  Below are several fashion trends from the past that are making comebacks.

High waisted jeans and shorts have been in style for several years now.  However, this is not a new trend.  During the 1980’s high waisted jeans and shorts were extremely popular and many people wore them.  Jean jackets were also very popular in the 1980’s and have also made a comeback today.  

Crop tops were also a popular fashion trend in the past, especially in the 1990’s.  Lots of teens and young adults wear crop tops today, but the trend is original to the 1990’s.

Flannels, another really popular fashion trend, was also started in the 1990’s.  Many people today wear flannels around their waste in addition to wearing them normally, adding a new twist to this returning trend.  

Skinny jeans have also been popular for many years now.  However, this style actually originated in the 1960’s, before bell bottom jeans became popular.  Bell bottom or flare jeans are also making a comeback today, but were original to the 1970’s.

Fringe details are also becoming really popular.  Fringe can be found on shoes, purses and other clothing items, but were originally found on vests from the 1960’s and flapper girl dresses in the 1920’s.

So, don’t be afraid to indulge on a new trend.  Most likely, it will be back a few decades from now and then you can wear it again!


High waisted jeans 1980’s

Jean jackets 1980’s

Crop tops 1990’s

Flannels 1990’s

Skinny jeans 1960’s

Bell bottom jeans 1970’s

Fringe 1960’s and 1920’s (Flapper girl)