How to make Acai bowl

Açaí bowls are very good for you, and make the perfect light snack. They are basically an extremely thick smoothie that has been topped with oatmeal or other toppings.

A definite added benefit of Acai is that it contains great antioxidants.It has anthocyanin, which help ensure a healthy heart, plant sterols which provide cardio-protective benefits, and phytochemicals that aid in anti-aging. Sadly, these popular bowls have always been hard to reach. However, it’s easy and cheaper to make your own at home!


4 tbs acai powder(On Amazon or Vitamin Shoppe)

1 cup frozen raspberries

1 cup frozen strawberries

1 cup almond milk or coconut water

1/2 cup baby spinach leaves

1 tsp honey


  1. Blend the acai powder, frozen berries, milk, spinach leaves and honey. Add a little almond milk or water if it is too thick. The texture should be a little thicker than a regular smoothie.
  2. Great topping ideas are:

– Shaved coconut

– Fruit

– Granola

– Peanut butter

If you are thinking of places to go near you, here are some suggestions!

  1. Nektar – In Sunnyvale and has probably the best granola topping I have ever tasted out of the Acai places I have been to.
  2. Bare Bowls – Best overall place for acai bowls. Although all places do use real fruit/honey etc., you can taste the freshness and sweetness of the acai. Also the atmosphere is calming and refreshing. However, it’s all the way out in Palo Alto.
  3. Samba Rock Cafe – Unique atmosphere with great acai bowls. However, it is out in Santa Cruz.
  4. Jamba Juice – Probably the most convenient and likely place to go to in the San Jose area. Their bowls are pretty good, however do not taste as fresh as the other places.