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Odd sport: dog surfing – The Eleight

Odd sport: dog surfing

You put on your wetsuit and you got in your car. Upon arrival at the beach, you put on  water wings and head towards the ocean. After waiting for what seems like hours, the perfect wave arrives. You ready yourself, get under the perfect wave, and cheer “Woof woof!”. That’s right, you’re a dog. Welcome to the world of dog-surfing.


For years now, people have been taking their furry best friends and putting them on surfboards, so they too can enjoy the rush of their masters’ favorite pastime. After strapping their dog to the board, and attaching their wetsuit on for some smaller dogs, the canines are released into the water to ride some gnarly waves. Some dogs are assisted by humans, who let them go when the wave comes, as the dogs attempt to ride them in.


This unique sport has caught on in recent years as more dog surfers have emerged due to the numerous competitions in which dogs and their owners show off their skills. The competitions are split up into different weight classes, and whether or not the animals are assisted by a trainer.


While this does sound like all smiles and wagging tales, some dog owners of Leigh would not enter their own dogs into competitions, due to safety concerns.


“What if hungry sharks are in the water? I say we leave it to Lilo and Stitch unless the dog really likes it,” said Drew Johnston, senior.


While human sports seem to be a staple in modern culture, only time will tell if man’s best friend will get his athletic aspirations fulfilled.