Spotlight: Laura Playle

Laura Playle is a senior at Leigh. You may have seen her cheering on the sidelines of the football games or coaching gymnastics at her work, but did you know that Laura has a separate life outside of America?


Q: Where were you born and when did you move to America?

A: I was born in Reading, England just southwest of London. We moved here [America] in December of 2008, so I was entering 5th grade halfway through the year. We’ve moved three times since living here, soon coming up on the fourth move.


Q: Where would you prefer to live?

A: I can’t say that I like either more than the other. I do miss home a lot though!


Q: What do you miss most about you home in England?

A: It sounds weird, but I miss the vibe. Just the feeling in the air is different and I sound crazy but I miss it.


Q: How is California culturally different from England.

A: The culture here [California] is definitely more diverse, but other than that, I don’t feel like I’ve noticed any other differences!


Q: How does school compare in England to the United States?

A: The biggest difference in schooling is the history lessons. I learned many historical events from two different perspectives that don’t even sound like they are the same event.


Q: Has your opinion on certain historical events changed due to how history is taught?

A: Yes, it was really weird to see the differences in the versions. I’ve kind of mixed both sides.