Spotlight: Mrs. Wagster

On the third week of Feb. 2016, Teresa Wagster won $2500 on 106.5 KEZR Radio Station. Wagster, the attendance secretary of Leigh, helps and answers question from students and parents in the Student Service Center.


How long did you play the game on the radio until you won?

I was playing the game “Open the Vault” for about three weeks before I won.

What was your reaction to finding out you won?

I was ecstatic when they said, “Your answer is CORRECT!”

How do you feel after winning?

I feel great after winning.

Anything special you want to do with the money?

I bought my husband a new surfboard for his birthday, which he was able to customize because of the winnings. We also went on a spa day to treat ourselves.

Were you surprised when you won?

I was so surprised that I won; sometimes you cannot even get through, but to get through and be the right caller I was really surprised.

Are you planning to play again?

I plan to play again in another contest, but I cannot win again for 6 months. That is a rule because it was such a big prize.

Any tips for people who are interested in playing this game?

Just be a dedicated listener and never give up because even people like me get lucky and win.