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Student conduct at sports games – The Eleight

Student conduct at sports games

As sport’s competition rises, fans are following the lead. At Leigh High School, students have been going above and beyond showing their school spirit, but the question buzzing around is, what’s the limit? Recently, Leigh hosted Willow Glen for a Varsity Basketball game with a crazy themed student section. From gorillas to bananas to cupcakes and priests, Leigh fans arrived early and only got crazier throughout the night.

Photo by Alexa Checkleins
Photo by Alexa Checkleins

By half time, Leigh was up 52-44 over Willow Glen and this got the student section even more excited to cheer, but their style of cheering the team on wasn’t the usual slogans heard at sporting events. Not thinking much of their intended support, the almost 50 students representing Leigh High School had no means of hurting any feelings or making any offensive jokes. At the end of the night, though, many students were faced with punishments.

Three Leigh students were given two-day inhouse suspensions for racial slurs and offensive cheering, a couple others kicked out. But this basketball game was not the only time students were punished and asked to leave the section for obnoxious cheering. At the Oak Grove varsity basketball game weeks later, students were again kicked out and punished for the excessive cheering, as well as at Santa Teresa.

“The Santa Teresa game I got kicked out for yelling inappropriate things about a player’s girlfriend,” said Kevin Nguyen, junior.

As there are right and wrong things to say at sporting events, many students have been punished for inadvertently being offensive toward the other team. These students meant no harm towards players or faculty, but know to be more careful at games in the future.