What I Wish I Was Doing

Alright students, I’m having writer’s block. I haven’t watched any new shows or movies lately except for re-watching Joss Whedon’s “Firefly” which should be watched by everyone. It is all on Netflix. There is one season and a movie filled with action packed space cowboys/pirates living in a dystopian world. It is so good…
Instead of my usual talking about movies, I am going to talk about the book I am currently reading because DAMN. I have basically glued my nose into Michael Crichton’s “Congo”. It is one of the best things I have ever read. I’m borrowing the copy from my mom, who got it when it came out in 1980 when she was bored at work and picked it up off the shelves and started reading, and she didn’t put it down until she finished it the next morning.
“Congo” is about a group of scientists trying to compete with other countries to get to a diamond deposit site in which the minerals would change the world of science and defensive technology, so whoever found them would be basically billionaires. It’s a race between the United States, Russia, China, and Europe but what they find at the end aren’t so much diamonds as deadness.
The book was SO GOOD. I read it in three days. Crichton is the same author as the “Jurassic Park” books, so you can imagine how thrilling and action packed it is. Very suspenseful.
Now, let’s talk about the movie. Whereas “Jurassic Park” one and two were directed by Steven Spielberg, “Congo” the movie was directed by Frank Marshall.
HORRIBLE MOVIE. One of the main characters doesn’t have her key personality type, the whole reason for them going is changed, they changed the main company’s name,and just. So has everything. I’m really bitter about this. So much wasted potential with a fantastic plot and a budget of 50 million!
This is one of those things where I HIGHLY suggest reading “Congo” but I wouldn’t really suggest watching the movie because it’s just really frankly sad.
I’ve run out of things to talk about and I’m assuming anyone who’s reading this has tuned out already. Since that’s probably the case, I’m going to complain about college because I am honestly freaking out. I’ll be away from everything I love. I won’t know anyone (which will be a first for me since I’ve always had my twin sister around). It’ll be an unfamiliar place, and I won’t have my big puppy with me every night. What am I going to do without my Stella? How do people live without dogs?
On top of that, I won’t be able to come back to California. I’ll basically be leaving everyone behind when my parents move across the country. How do people stay in touch with old friends? I just imagine scrolling through Facebook in 10 years seeing people from high school and where they are in life, thinking “oh that’s nice they’re not immature anymore” or something like that. I’m not ready to leave the life I’ve always known behind. I’m not ready for everyone to go away. I am very, very scared.
Just like everyone was in “Congo”!