Leos Club kicks off the year with two service events

Leigh High School’s Leos Club put on two service events on Oct. 1.

“We worked at a health van and then in the evening, we worked at a fundraiser for inner city blind kids,” said April Maiten, club advisor.

This was part of a diabetes walk giving people health checkups. In the evening, they hosted the Almaden Dinner Dance where they served food and cleaned up for attendees at the Almaden Community Center, according to club officer Renly Liu, sophomore. One other member attended the Guadalupe River Park event, and 10 members attended the evening event.

In all, the club has about 30 active members. They meet on B-day Tuesdays in Room 92.

“We’re a community service club without just an emphasis on the hours,” said club officer Patrick Fang, junior.

The club organizes community service events to help the community, usually children, seniors, or those who are visually impaired. They clean up parks and help at dinners and events like Relay for Life and Adopt a Family.

Leos Club at Leigh is affiliated with the Almaden Lions, a volunteer organization in our community. In the past, the club has volunteered at Vasona Park, Lone Hill Park, and Santa Clara Blind Center.

According to Liu, the goals of the club are to raise awareness of problems in our community, have fun helping others, and encourage more people to volunteer their time for others.

In another event, the club “raise[d] money for eyeglasses for children who are unable to afford them. Glasses are extremely expensive without insurance, but they are obviously a necessity to strive in school,” said club member, Victoria Luu, junior.

The club is looking for new members to join. Any student can join and the expectation is only that they attend some meetings and service events.

“The community of Leos Club is fantastic. We have a lot of dedicated people who truly care about helping other people out. These members are also very friendly and are willing to help out newer club members. From time to time, we also have cookies,” Liu said.