Administration focuses on positive improvements

With the start of the new 2016-2017 school year at Leigh, you may have seen some changes in staff. The new staff brings to Leigh changes in morale and school spirit for the better with the new motto “We Are Leigh.” Leigh’s staff also actively uses social media to promote spirit, and the staff seems eager to connect with students.

“I feel as though student and staff relationships have grown throughout the years,” said Seena Khajavi, senior.

Last year I didn’t even know who the principal was, but this year I know almost all of the admin,” said Edward Stitt, junior.

This year, Leigh welcomes a new principal, Kara Butler, and a new vice principal, Shannon Lane. Vince Leeburn and Craig Williams are our new assistant principals, joining Robert Warren, who was also an assistant principal last year. Welcomed along with them are the new athletic and activities directors Jake Shaughnessy and Crystal Adams. The new counseling staff consists of Sandra Pula, Tanya Silva, and Susie Taylor.

The staff are approachable, while also setting the boundaries when it comes to school rules.

“They’re also not all business, they make it fun,” said Abbey Playle, sophomore.

While the high amount of administrative team changes can be frustrating for students, rest assured that the new staff is affable, helpful, and spirited.

“I love to work with you guys and say, ‘Let’s chat.’ Wherever I can be of assistance; I’ll point you in the right direction, we can chat about it. Any kid can come into my office, anytime,” said Williams.

In regards to the administration, “… they’re all really nice, all easy-going. They understand what people are going through,” said Brad Pierce, freshman.

From a teacher’s perspective, the cheer “We Are Leigh” is meant to bring Leigh together more.

“‘We Are Leigh’ means we are stronger together than apart; it brings teachers and students together as a school,” said math teacher Jill Hoge.

This year’s slogan is also “to bring up the school spirit,” said Lane.   

The staff also actively show off their spirit for Longhorns on social media, using smartphones to connect to the student body. Using social media isn’t new though, other staff, teachers, and even “Ya Boi Leighroy” have also used their Twitter, Instagram, or Snapchats to promote activities, classes, and school spirit at Leigh. Seeing the new staff join in is a pleasant addition. You can check out Leigh’s Twitter at “Leigh_CUHSD.”  

I help in using the school twitter page to share what’s going on here at Leigh,” said Adams.

Even though it may be a large amount of staff turnover from last year and a change, overall, the new Longhorns have been a great addition to the school. Leigh wouldn’t be the same without them; after all, (although this is a bit cliche) “we are Leigh!”