Allison Lin wins award

Allison Lin, senior, recently received a Girl Scout Gold Award for creating a wooden MRI and CT model to lessen kids’ fright for the noisy machines. These machines are used to take scans of the brain, and are used in every hospital for people of all ages. The Gold Award is much like the Eagle Scout project, as they both require designing a project and implementing it.

Lin chose to do her project on this because she wanted to help the kids going through scary scans throughout their stay at a hospital.

“I had to get an MRI and they told me kids are scared of these machines. So I targeted that issue,” said Lin.

This project was no easy feat. It took her about a year of planning and creating to make the entire model.

“I started planning in September and I had to finish it in summer because I wouldn’t have time in school,” said Lin.

Once she finally received her award, she felt relieved.

“I just got the award and I was like ‘Finally!’. It took a really long time..when I finally got it I was like “Yay! I don’t have to work on it anymore,’” said Lin.

Her model is being put to good use, and bringing to life the vision she had for it when creating it.

“It’s at Kaiser Permanente Santa Clara; they use it in their pediatrics unit. The kids play with it so they know what to expect. There’s sound incorporated in the model, so it’s made so that they don’t freak out.”

Lin’s model is definitely a piece to be proud of, and will help the lives of many.