Apple surprises with iPhone 7

New innovations are always being added to Apple products every year. On Sept. 7, 2016, the new Apple iPhone 7 was released, excelling all older versions This new version of the iPhone was very different though. They took out the headphone jack and combined it with the charger port. Even though this added more space to the bottom of the IPhone, it made many people angry.

“I don’t like how you aren’t able to charge your phone and listen to music at the same time without the adapter,” said Taylor Doty, junior.

Now if you want to use old headphones, you would have to use a connector which is very

“My friend Elon Musk told me about it and I was nervous about the change. But overall, it was pretty cool with a nice screen,” said Bryan Diamond, senior.

Additionally, the new iPhone also has a 21 megapixel camera which brings pictures to life with great quality and coloring.

“It’s way better than all the other phones. I like how the camera is better and how the screen is more clear,” said Anthony Paoli, sophomore.

Another thing the iPhone changed was that it is now water resistant. Along with the new features on the product, they have IOS 10 to go along with it. IOS 10 introduced new features such as messaging that allows you to send animated texts. Overall, the iPhone 7 was a major upgrade and is definitely worth the money.