Bay Area sports update

The Bay Area has been thriving when it comes to sports lately. After a torturous winning drought for the Oakland Raiders, they are finally on the better end of a winning season.Their quarterback Derek Carr has been doing stellar so far and is a possible MVP candidate for this season.

However, after having a very prosperous season, the San Francisco Giants were cut short on their even year World Series legacy.

We will need a couple years to gain our momentum back” said senior Mik Noll “However, I will always stay loyal.”

As the weather gets colder, the San Jose Sharks begin their attack on the NHL. With the regular season off to a great start, Sharks fans are hoping to continue where they left off; reigning Western Conference Champions and following two games short of their first Stanley Cup Championship in team history. . After making it to the Stanley Cup finals, the Sharks fan base is getting larger and more supportive than ever.

“I have always been a fan, but never truly believed we had a chance at winning the Stanley Cup until last year.” said junior Bradley Klauser.

The Sharks will be looking for revenge in the rink and want the Stanley Cup more than ever.

The NBA season is here. The hardwood floors are waxed and ready. However, Golden State Warriors fans are growing nervous with the trade for Kevin Durant during the off season.

“I’m a little nervous,” said senior Chris Dixon. “I’m afraid their new roster may not gel together as well as they did last season. They are also a little skeptical because their bench has gotten a lot worse than it previously was.”

Despite the uneasy feeling, the Warriors fanbase is hungrier than ever to attain the championship that they were robbed of last season by the Cleveland Cavaliers.

It’s a great year to be in the Bay Area with the Golden State Warriors having a potentially even stronger team than last year. The Raiders on their first quest to the Super Bowl in 15 years. The Giants being champions and playoff contenders since 2010. As well as an experienced Sharks team that is on fire after attending the Stanley Cup finals last season. Overall, the Bay Area is finally doing well in every sport and has a very bright future.