Clown sightings at Penn State

During the end of September, at Pennsylvania State University, Pa., students began reporting sightings of  “creepy clowns” loitering campus grounds. Since the issue has become prevalent, the amount of sightings has spread across the country and even the world,

Since the reporting of the first clown, creepy clowns have been spotted in dozens of cities over several states across the country. In Mashable’s news blog post, “Educate Yourself on the Clown-Pocalypse with this Extensive Map,” a map is included locating every reported clown sighting in the world (Nicole Gallucci). The map contains clown reports ranging from sightings  in wooded areas, parking lots and school campuses. Curiosity seems to be the leading motive of why people have been seeking out these tormentors. People are familiar with clowns as happy party entertainers, not frightening stalkers.

“I find it is very offensive and disrespectful as a close relative to someone involved with the party clown industry, that people choose to abuse the clown costume,” said Robbie Moore, senior.

Some citizens who feel threatened for their lives have begun taking matters into their own hands. On Oct. 3, at Penn. State, over 500 students were seen outside of a fraternity house prepared to hunt down clowns spotted on campus. Armed with baseball bats, golf clubs, and sticks, these students patrolled Penn. State until the following morning.

Another report from “Fox 2 St. Louisiana” stated that police found citizens in the woods armed with weapons in search for clowns spotted loitering in their neighborhood.

Police say they found people with weapons while searching the woods behind Pevely Pointe. They were trying to track down the clowns. Police are worried someone’s going to get hurt during the hysteria, ” said Andy Banker.

Their goal was to bring justice to the victims and protect their community. They are willing to put their lives on the line to do so.

“Personally, I think it is dangerous for both the clowns and citizens,” said Anthony Paoli, sophomore.

The best way to approach this so-called “Clown-Pocalypse” is to remain aware of all surroundings and to take precautions. Walk with a buddy or take the long way home if it means avoiding the park and do not be a hero. The amount of sightings grows each day.