Coding with the ladies

A primarily female club called “Girls Who Code” promotes their sisterhood with an increasingly large promotion in female recruitment.

In the beginning of the school year of 2016, sophomore April Gonzalez made Leigh’s first Girls Who Code Club.

“Girls Who Code is an organization and I’ve heard about it because of my sister – she did the summer program. So I went on their [Girls Who Code Club] website and there was a way to implement clubs at your school, so that’s what I did and I filled out the application with my club advisors,” said Gonzalez, president of Girls Who Code Club at Leigh.  

The overall function of this club, as stated on the “Girls Who Code Club” website, is to teach how to code, as well as other aspects of computer science. The one at Leigh is the same, but the purpose of the club, both of the website and the one in Leigh, is an attempt to combat the gender gap. As stated on the Girls Who Code Club website, only 18 percent of tech field graduates are female.  

How it differs from any other programing club is that, at Leigh, Girls Who Code focuses on multiple aspects of computer science other than coding, “We focus on sisterhood also, and it’s  really networking, between girls,” said Gonzalez.  

There are no club membership regulations, meaning anyone can join, regardless of gender or grade. Girls Who Code Club at Leigh has eight regular members, with the occasional visitor in their Monday and Thursday meetings after school at rooms 19, 20, and 21.