Deadly Hurricane Matthew hits U.S. coast

On Friday, Oct. 6, a devastating storm struck the East Coast, known as Hurricane Matthews. This storm was a Category 4 hurricane, becoming the first major hurricane to hit since Hurricane Wilma in 2005. The wild storm was a result of the sea water being 1 to 3 degrees Fahrenheit above normal. Once the storm reached the eastern Caribbean, it then became a hurricane and quickly intensified. On Oct. 4, Hurricane Matthew hit Haiti and eastern Cuba as a Category 4 hurricane, and it destroyed just about everything it came in contact with.

“Hurricane Matthew has left behind widespread destruction across Haiti and killed hundreds in its path, and officials fear the death toll could increase as aid workers reach the worst-hit areas,” said Azadeh Ansari in a CNN news article.  

The next victim of the storm was the southeastern coast of the United States. It forced four states — South Carolina, North Carolina, Georgia, and Florida — to evacuate along the coast and also caused major damage and flooding.

“The most powerful storm in more than a decade to threaten the U.S. tossed trees onto homes, ripped off roofs and knocked out power to at least one million people. But it stayed just far enough offshore to prevent major damage to cities like Miami, Fort Lauderdale and West Palm Beach. And the coast never felt the full force of its 120 mph winds.” said Fox News U.S.

Although the hurricane never made a direct hit in Florida, it caused four deaths, power outages, along with flooding. Georgia avoided the hurricane’s worst effects, but it left three people dead, power outages, and massive flooding. In South Carolina, the hurricane hit on Saturday, 40 miles east of Charleston. Piers at Myrtle Beach were destroyed, trees were torn down, devastating flooding, and there was one death. More than 800,000 homes were without power. North Carolina has had deadly flooding from Hurricane Matthew, it has resulted in seven deaths. There was a range of seven to 16 inches of rain in North Carolina, and rivers were all over flooded. In all the states that were hit, there were many left without a home, power, all their things, and some even lost loved ones. Hurricane Matthew has made a tremendous impact on the southeastern coast, as well as Haiti.

The cleanup from hurricane Matthews will take months, even years especially in the worst hit areas, such as Haiti, the Bahamas, and eastern United states. To get involved with helping the victims, the American red cross, UNICEF, and Save the children are accepting donations to go towards building homes, providing temporary shelter, and for food.