Haunted house looms over LHS

hauntedhouseThe leaves are changing, Ugg boots are back, and the Leigh Haunted House, another staple of the fall season is back in the PAC from Oct. 25 to Oct 31. Last year’s haunted house featured more of the traditional pop out and scare themes, but this year the Leigh theater department brought some new attractions to horrify and entertain people coming to see it.

Based on the classic board game “Clue,” this year’s house was very storyline heavy, delving more into the audience’s deeper psychological fears than just the rush of adrenaline they get from someone jumping out at them. Visitors got to observe the plot of a murder mystery firsthand as it happens, and then at the end of the experience choose who they think the murder is.

Guests were taken on a tour through different rooms of a creepy old mansion.. When asked what her favorite part was, freshman Camille Davis said, “I loved the tour guide.” The tour guides were another popular part of the house, adding to the immersive feel, and changing the tone depending on which of the three run throughs it was.

After putting in hours of work and about $1,000 into makeup and costume, the students and teachers involved in the haunted house debuted the project on Tuesday, Oct. 25. Rather than assuming the accustomed motif of a haunted house, the participating students aimed to bring a new level of terror by making the production completely interactive with its audience by getting them to choose who they thought the murderer was.

“I’m most excited for the audience to have an immersive experience in a game that they’ve played since they were children, but with a more scary twist,” said senior Hannah Stein, director of the house.