Ironing done differently

Are you tired of ironing in your boring house and want to go iron somewhere new? Well, then you might be the perfect athlete for extreme ironing.

Extreme ironing is an extreme sport where enthusiasts take ironing boards to crazy locations and iron their clothing. People that partake go on top of mountains, skydive, and even wakeboard all while ironing their clothes!

This may seem like a bizarre sport, because it is. However, that doesn’t stop people from all over the world from doing it. The reason why people do it is because it gives them the thrill of doing a fun outdoor activity while doing something as simple as ironing a shirt.

Most extreme ironists can be found in treetops, on top of cars, on top of high mountains, underwater, and even while riding a bicycle. One might wonder well how do they win? They aren’t technically playing against anybody and don’t have tournaments like other sports.

The rules to extreme ironing are broad and give people the freedom to be creative. Essentially, the harder the task is while ironing or the more dangerous the place you are doing it is, the better you are at the sport. For instance, an extreme ironist who irons on the top of Mount Everest is more talented than one who irons on top of the roof of a house.

Is it a strange sport? Yes. However, it is a fun way to get your household chores done. Who knows maybe next we will even see extreme vacuuming in the future.