Kevin Hart: What Now movie review


Funny, stomach throbbing, laugh worthy, and filled with heavily inappropriate jokes, Kevin Hart’s film “What Now?” hit theaters on Oct. 14, 2016. If you have a dirty mind, go right ahead and buy tickets. If not, stay far away.

“What Now?” follows the comedian Kevin Hart and actress Halle Berry who are spies on a mission at a casino to gamble for money for Kevin Hart’s tour. After their mission, Kevin must escape the crime scene and head to the stage where he’ll be standing in front of 50,000 people in Philadelphia, one of the largest acts in history for a comedian.

Kevin Hart’s “What Now?” is less of a movie than it is a one hour and thirty-six minute stand up comedy act which is definitely not appropriate for young viewers.This movie is rated R for foul language, and sexual material throughout the film. Although some viewers enjoy Kevin Hart, I didn’t find the movie all that worth going to, due to the fact that the movie was raunchy. He talked about specific things he’s done with his wife, inappropriate body parts, and what he’s done in the past with his money. The film includes stories about his wife, children, animals, and friends, all of which may sound interesting, coming from him, but it’s not exactly worth going to unless 18 and up and mature enough for the movie.