Leigh renovates by 2020

Leading up to the year 2020, Leigh High School is planning to have a renovation on a few areas of the school to accommodate for the increasing number of student enrollment. It is estimated that the population of students will grow from the 1,723 students enrolled presently to about 2,300 students, a capacity that the school cannot contain with its current size

The increase in number of students is due to the fact that about ten years ago, many young families came into the area because the cost of living here was much more affordable than places like Los Altos, Palo Alto, and Cupertino. Now, the children of these young families are about to enter into high school.

The provisional construction schemes will make the main office and the student service center more accessible to both students and parents.

“The plan is to take this building [the main office] and the student service center and combine it into one large office.This will allow for all the administration, the counselors, the student services, and health office to be under one roof. This will make it more of a ‘one stop shopping’ for parents and students,” said Kara Butler, principal.

The sports department is also looking forward to improvements.

“If the bond measure passes they’re looking at adding refurbished dugouts for the softball field, and redoing the pools at every school in the district so they are able to host swim meets. The open wish is that there is enough money left over to add a second gym facility. There are so many sports happening at once, and by adding a new gym this will help with dividing practice time,” said Jake Shaughnessy, athletic director.

However, Leigh’s administration is saving the reconstruction for a later year.

“Right now we are in the planning and information stage, and we need the bond measure to pass in order start the process. What we are focused on now is designing and getting the input of the community and staff on what the sight needs are,” said Butler.

The school hopes to start of the modernization by next year, by bringing in portables to accommodate for the growth. Accordingly, the real reconstruction should be starting around 2018 or 2019. School will still be in session even with the ongoing reconstruction.