New principal sets goals for Leigh High School

This year, Leigh High School has made some adjustments to the faculty. The new principal, Kara Butler, has many goals to better Leigh High School.

Q:What was your previous occupation?

I’ve been a principal for 15 years so, previous occupation to that was an assistant principal.

Q:What does your new job consist of?

Setting a vision for the school…making sure we’re providing the kind of education that prepares the kids for life after high school.

Q:Do you like your new job?

I love it!

Q:What do you like about your new job?

After having been with middle schoolers for eleven years I was ready to get back to high school because you can just have different conversations with kids at this age group.

Q:What are your predictions for the school year?

I predict that we will continue the level of communication that we have started so that both parents and students feel like they’re knowing what’s going on at Leigh.

Q:What do you find is the hardest about your job?

When I have to address a student’s situation because they made a poor choice–anytime you’ve got to deliver bads news or work with someone who’s in a situation they don’t want to be in.

Q:What inspired you to take a position in school faculty?

I was a teacher, I’d be looking around at other kids that weren’t in my classes that I wanted to help…I met an assistant principal, I just saw what kind of impact he was able to have on a larger group of students…I looked at that and said, “That’s what I want to be able to do.”

Butler is prepared for this school year and wishes to face these challenges head on.