Scraping over irritating speed bumps

Oh Leigh parking lot, you have gone through more changes than most teenagers, yet you seem to get worse instead of better. How does that work? Well there were a few changes last year and we were smacked in the face with more changes this year.

As many of you may have noticed last year, the administration tried different strategies they believed would improve safety and congestion in the student parking lot. They closed the gate closest to Anne Way to “reduce” traffic. They also redesigned the spot where parents were allowed to pick up and drop off. Neither of these changes created a positive outcome.

This year there have been a few new updates to the student parking lot. Over the summer, the main entrance was repaved to fix the potholes; as for students, that’s where the positive changes end.

Using this main entrance, students will notice that placed right at the stop sign is a brand new speed bump. Thankfully not all of us have to deal with this obstruction– the gate closest to Anne Way was reopened and is safe from these “improvements”. But there are three new things that aren’t as avoidable for all drivers: parking blocks were placed all along the very first row of the parking lot, and right in front of the PAC there are two speed bumps placed a little more than a car length apart.

“We knew people weren’t stopping at the stop sign last year, that’s why the speed bump went in, and people were coming past the ticket booth by the PAC at a pretty quick clip, so the speed bumps went in there to slow the parents down, not for the students, because it seems like the parents make some pretty poor decisions sometimes. The parking blocks were put in to stop people from going through that area just for safety reasons, and parents were just sitting waiting there causing a headache. Our number one priority is safety of the students,” said Principal Kara Butler.

While the main purpose of the changes is for students’ safety, some students see it as an inconvenience.

“The new pavement is extremely beneficial since the cracks and potholes were terrible, but I don’t like the new parking blocks because you can no longer drive through that area, which then forces you to go all the way to the end of the row causing way more traffic making it worse to leave than previous years. The new speed bumps are also way too big, I can’t even get over them. It’s made the parking lot worse, and the parking lot is now discriminatory to certain cars,” said John Morcom, senior.

Resolving traffic problems was one of the priorities of the updates; however,it seems like it’s done the opposite.

“The new updates are annoying and just prolong the already lengthy departure from the parking lot after school, and there are way too many speed bumps,” said Jamie Leckrone, junior.

“The updates have had a pretty negative effect, the new parking blocks were supposed to help the flow of traffic, but now they are just creating more traffic and more build up. Last year it was already pretty bad,” said Will Butler, senior.

Having the entrance repaved was a big bonus, but the new speed bumps in front of the PAC are a headache and have genuinely made that area more dangerous since it seems like some parents don’t understand that their car will roll over the back of it and potentially hit a student or another car. The motivation the admin has to improve the student lot is great, but the actions seem to always be ineffective.This is just another example of things the administration has implemented to the parking lot that haven’t improved student life. My question: are these changes really improving the efficiency and safety of the parking lot? We want to find out what you think, check out the twitter poll.