What to do with post-Halloween candy

Halloween is the best time of the year to buy candy, for trick-treaters or just for yourself. However, as the holiday passes, many people are left with way more candy than they can eat and no clue with what to do with it.

Craft it!

  • Make a candy wrapper bracelet by folding and taping several wrappers together. By folding and weaving many different types of candy wrappers together, a wrapper wallet or purse can be made.
  • Use a variety of your favorite candy wrappers to make origami. Some festive origami ideas are a jack-o-lantern, a witches hat, a ghost, or a bat.

Donate it!

  • One way to get rid of your extra candy is to donate it to Operation Shoebox, which is an organization that collects bags of candy to send to American troops around the world.
  • Another donation option is The Ronald McDonald House, which helps keep severely ill children and their families together during extended hospital stays, will collect unopened candy to give to the families being served.

Add it!

There are several fun ways to integrate extra Halloween candy into snacks and desserts.

  • Freeze your excess candy and add it into milkshakes, ice creams, and sundaes!
  • Use fun-size candies as a cupcake topper.
  • Add chocolate candy to your favorite cookie recipe to use up the rest of your Halloween candy.

So rather than throwing away all your extra Halloween candy, have fun being creative with it by snacking, donating or crafting it instead.