Ouija Movie Review


Origin of Evil came out on October 21st. Directed by Mike Flanagan it is a remake of a popular movie. Starring some new faces such as Annalise Basso and Alexis G. Zall. It starts out like most scary movies do: On a safe, benign note. The setting is Los Angeles in the 1960s, where a young mother and her two daughters live in the suburbs. All is not as it appears, however, as it turns out that mom and the kids are con artists who scam dim-bulb customers into believing they can talk to dead people via a dime-store Ouija board.

Soon, baby cakes, the 9-year-old named Doris, is possessed by—you guessed it— an evil spirit and the joke is on this odd little family. The rest of the movie follows the usual good versus bad, horror flick format, with mama trying to get Mr. Baddy Pants to leave her gap-mouthed kid alone.

But Marcus, the spirit, has other plans, like hanging the boyfriend of Doris’s teenage sister from a rope tied to the second floor bannister until his eyes pop out and his neck cracks like a cheap toothpick.

All said, the story was well written and all of the actors put a lot of solid work into their roles. Setting the movie in the ‘60s was also a good choice. The atmosphere and the way the characters were dressed was a nice change to the typical settings nowadays. Overall, taking the time and money to see this movie will be worth it. Giving this movie a letter grade, it would be a B.