Fall Play Review

The annual Fall Play has arrived at Leigh with the production of ”Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead”. The play is set in a post-apocalyptic universe and starts off with the two main characters, Rosencrantz (Kira Merkel) and Guildenstern (Ryan McCarty), flipping coins while passing the time in their travels. They later meet another traveler, Lead Player (Kallen Klum), who is traveling around as a performer with his gang of other performers.

Their paths cross throughout the story and Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are lead to the castle where Hamlet is, who leads them to a boat in a later act.

The play itself seemed confusing in that several plot lines were hard to follow, but the acting was well done throughout the play. The actors themselves did well with all the actions that they were doing in the play such as cartwheels, different contortion-like tricks, and playing different instruments.

The actors seemed to fit their characters well, however some of their some of their lines were a little bit hard to understand. Also, some of the actors were talking a little too quietly.

Most of the play had a dark theme and with the dark and simple nature of the set it went together.  Other parts of the sets included projections that were displayed on the screen that were around the stage. Most of the projections were understandable with the scene but a lot of them seemed to go too much with modern time rather than the time period in the play.

Some of the music did the same thing including what sounded like modern electronic music, along with music that sounded like a song from “Pirates of the Caribbean”.

The time period that the play was set in was a little weird being that normally this is set into an old English time to go along with Hamlet but the play seemed a little out of place with the time period that was chosen.

The play was not as good as the “Alice and Wonderland” production last year,  but it was a good cast putting on the play.

Grade: C+