Leigh’s annual Stanford blood drive

On Nov. 7, 2016 Leigh hosted its annual Stanford Blood Drive. Every year, eligible students gather in the cafeteria to give blood that mainly goes to premie babies on life support. The blood drive relies heavily on high schools for donations, and Leigh is one of the biggest contributors.

Senior Bella Myrah, a leadership student and blood drive commissioner this year, said that “extensive permission slips left a lot of participants confused which resulted in a lower donor turnout compared to previous years”. Her hopes as blood drive commissioner are to have a bigger turnout next year.

Students that did participate were happy to give to a good cause that provides valuable blood to those in need.

Senior Sophie Hopson said that she “really enjoys donating blood and doing her part to help others in need” and she plans to continue donating. Other students that worked the blood drive helped participants after donating by providing snacks and water.

Senior John Morcom, veteran blood drive worker, worked the canteen this year and said that he likes the blood drive because “ it’s beneficial for our school because it shows that Leigh cares about its community.”

This event is something Leigh is proud to participate in and we hope to have an impressive turnout next year.