Moana Movie Review

On Nov. 23, the Walt Disney animation studios released “Moana,” about an adventurous teenage girl who sails out to save her island and find where her Polynesian tribe came from.

During Moana’s (Auli’i Cravalho) journey, she meets demi-god Maui (Dwayne Johnson), who guides her to become a master wayfinder. The ocean had given her a mission to find Maui, and take him to restore the heart of Te fiti so she can take back all the darkness.

Along their journey, Moana and Maui overcome obstacles, encounter enormous monsters, and Moana discovers one thing she’s always sought after: her own identity. Throughout her whole childhood, she always felt drawn to the sea, but Moana’s father continuously asserted that because her role was to be the island’s next leader, she had to remain on the island.

Once Moana became a teenager, problems with the village’s agriculture started arising, and fish started to scatter away. The people were left with very little resources; this was all due to the stolen heart of Te Fiti that demi-god Maui was ordered to return. After their journey, the heart was given back to Te Fiti, and the darkness was taken back. I think that she made the right decision by following her heart, and the oceans calling. Even though she may have gone against her parents, she saved her tribe.

The film continuously expressed strength in diversity. Moana, the leading female role, embraces hardship and courage in many of the songs she sings. Many of the songs were written by Lin-Manuel Miranda, who wrote and starred in the musical “Hamilton.” The movie showed that you need to find your true identity, you should explore your heritage.