Office Christmas Party Movie Review

“Office Christmas Party”, the current second highest grossing film in theaters, was released after much anticipation on Friday, Dec. 9. The movie stars T.J. Miller as the branch manager of Xenotech, a data storage company. After his uptight CEO, played by Jennifer Aniston, threatens to close the branch, he decides to throw a huge Christmas party that gets a little out of hand. Meanwhile, Olivia Munn plays a talented, edgy hacker who works for the company and Kate McKinnon kills it as their oddball HR rep. The Christmas-themed movie also stars Jason Bateman, Vanessa Bayer, and many more.

Office Christmas Party is great for those looking for an R-rated comedy and big laughs, but as Rotten Tomatoes points out with its 43% review, it lacks any deeper plotline and focuses its energy towards packing in as many raunchy jokes as it possibly can.

However, that didn’t deter audiences, who flocked to theaters to see it. The $45 million comedy was off to an encouraging start and opened with $17.5 million over its debut weekend, giving it the biggest opening weekend ever for a Christmas-themed movie that came out in December.

The movie is packed with suspense, with dangerous car chase scenes and plenty of near-death experiences. It also gives a nod towards the struggles faced by office workers, who are always in fear of losing their job in the current highly competitive market, but even that sentiment overshadowed by the focus on making jokes.

After watching Office Christmas Party, sophomore Diego Rodriguez said, “It was really funny and I liked the plot.”

Overall, the movie was a good way to brighten up a rainy weekend with some light humor, but isn’t for people looking for a deeper meaning or something for the kids to watch.