Powerpuff returns to Leigh

After four years of being cancelled due to risks of injury and low participation, the highly popular high school event was brought back to Leigh in fall of 2016, but with a little twist. Welcoming in all genders to all teams, the more commonly known, “Powderpuff” was given a Leigh makeover and called “Powerpuff.” The games began on Nov. 1 in the bowl beginning with the sophomores versus the juniors and continuing on Nov. 2 when the freshman took on the seniors.

Jared King and Peter Finocchio took on the role of captains for the senior team, supported by their cheer team as they went undefeated. The juniors came in a close second being led by Head Coach Mason Peterson.

This event not only brought together lower and upperclassmen, but the whole student body combined. As the friendly rivalry began, many students actually took the game’s extremely seriously. The cheerleaders from each team practiced many hours to perfect their performance for the upcoming games, and their hard work showed in their routine with stunts and excellent choreography.

Varsity coach, Peter Finocchio, had some words to say about his team.

“I made it very clear to my girls to GET SOME: Go Every Time So Others May Everytime. The experience was humbling. Being around the girls, seeing them work hard and sweat is empowering. Seeing them GET SOME has made me a leader,” said Finocchio, senior.

Although the juniors ended with a tough loss against the seniors on Nov. 3, the following Thursday night, they came out with high spirits, ending in second place. The sophomores and freshman didn’t come out as strong, as they ended in a tie for last. Through the tough last battle between the two grades, they look back on this experience as a highlight of their high school career.

“These games we played together created memories between our class that we will remember forever and be able to look back on as our class,” said Hailey Juncker, sophomore.

Throughout the weeks of practices and intense games between the grades, the school came together to cheer on each other as well as create a rivalry between the teams. These games proved to bond Leigh High School together in such a fun, student-driven event.