Leigh shows SLO’s week spirit

SLO’s Week is a spirit week dedicated to Leigh’s Schoolwide Learner Objectives: Think, Communicate, Engage.

Monday was Think Day, in which mathlete or nerd attire was worn. During lunch, a satirical Presidential debate was given, with Elly Hudson as Hillary Clinton and Ryan Campbell as Donald Trump.

Tuesday was Communicate Day, as well as Election Day. Students were encouraged to wear red, white, and blue as the votes were counted for our new President.

Wednesday was Engage Day, and there a very special surprise at lunch. At lunch, there were games to “engage” students and have students in different grades work together. There were games similar to musical chairs and dodgeball in the quad.

Thursday was College and Career Day, in which students wore college apparel. Representatives from the UC, CSU, and Community college systems came at lunch to answer any questions and hand out brochures about each college. UC Santa Barbara, Santa Cruz, and Davis all had information given out, along with other out-of-state universities such as University of Hawaii.

When asked about SLO’s week, sophomore David Han said “I think that SLO’s week was good because it helped remind us about what’s important in order for us to learn and my favorite spirit day was college apparel day”.

College and Career Day was to remind students that the SLOs are effective throughout life, not just during their time at Leigh High School. Veteran’s Day was Friday, so students and staff got a day off to end SLOs week.