Christmas in the park

“Christmas in the Park” was very enjoyable for me. Located in downtown San Jose, it was an event consisting of people walking around the park rather than driving through it. There were  endless amounts of displayed bright lights and the entire area of the park was decorated in Christmas themed displays.

“It was amazing, I would recommend visiting it if you’re in the area,”said Nancy Smith, “Christmas in the Park” visitor.

Everything there was beautiful and all of the decorations were perfect down to the last detail. There was music playing around of  the attractions and the smell of hot cocoa and cookies made the experience much more memorable. The downtown area was filled with small Christmas animated figures such as carrolers, ballerinas, children, etc. that danced and sang.

“It was beautifully decorated and really got me in the Christmas spirit; my favorite part was ice skating with my kids,” said Johnna Xavier, “Christmas in the Park” visitor.

The best decorations were the  abundance of trees lined up along the walkways, each decorated uniquely. One in particular stood out, being the tree that had a depiciton of the Grinch peeking out behind the tree dressed up like Santa. It really got me in the Christmas spirit. It was evident that there was a lot of time and energy put into setting everything up because the lights and trees were exquisite.

I loved walking through everything and observing the lights on the trees. It must have taken a ton of time and that is what made the whole experience that much more special. The colorful, bright trees stood out from when I entered and was intricately decorated with bright lights and various ornaments from the top to the bottom. The large tree at the entrance really caught my eye, as it was set to be the main attraction when entering.

“I really enjoyed the gorgeous lights and all of the fun rides that were there. I especially loved ice skating while drinking hot chocolate,” said Britta Young, “Christmas in the Park” visitor.

Christmas in the park was stunning this year, and I am looking foward to visiting again next year.