Best destinations to ski and snowboard

It is that time of year to strap into your boots and venture into the 2016 snow season. Living only a few hours away from some of the best pow — a term used for the fresh layer of snow on the ground — in the North Western coast, Bay Area residents have access to the top resorts. With the sudden increase in rain seen in Northern California and Nevada, fresh snow is predicted in all of the hot spots.

Northstar Resort, in Truckee Calif., is one of the most scenic mountain ranges on the West Coast during the snow season. There is nothing like carving down the slope of your prefered skill level and staring at the beautiful green and white valley on your way down.

“Northstar’s my favorite because it is where I go the most. It is really pretty and great for all levels of riding.” said freshman Michaela Sampas.

If you are looking for endless options there is no place better than Squaw Valley Ski Resort, in Squaw Peak Calif.. Built for the 1960 Winter Olympics, it was meant to become the largest resort in the United States — this calls for big runs, drops, and ramps.

“Squaw Valley man! Really big mountain and they held the Winter Olympics over there in the ‘60s so you know it’s good. It is also the home of the natural half-pipe which is a killer addition as well as sweet on and off course trails. The hotel makes the riding days super convenient and it isn’t far from Tahoe either,” said senior Chris Rue.

For the more experienced riders out there, Kirkwood , in Kirkwood Calif., provides the challenging terrain needed to push the riders skills. It is home to one the most diverse mountains in the Sierra Nevada line up.

“Kirkwood would be my favorite place. It has a solid amount of space for the more advanced style of skiing. Some of the shoots are super aggressive and hard which makes for a great time. I definitely would recommend for advanced riders mostly,” said sophomore Zac Martines.

Wherever you find yourself riding this winter, remember to ride with a buddy, check your blind spots, and be safe.