Chris Yang: differences in life in America and China

Chris Yang is a junior at Leigh High School. He came to Leigh from Los Altos High School, and before that he lived in China until he moved here three and a half years ago.

Q: Did you know English before you moved here?

A: No.

Q: How did you adjust to the English language as quickly as you did?

A: Making friends, and talking to people here.

Q: How does school in America differ from school in China?

A: I think it’s more creative and less stressful because we have less homework.

Q: Do you do any sports or clubs at Leigh?

A: Yeah, I’m the president of the weightlifting club. There are ten, fifteen people in the club but some people are inconsistent.

Q: Why did you decide to make weightlifting club?

A: I just love weightlifting. It’s just my thing and I want to be able to form a club and then have my friends or have people working out during lunch so they can get healthier. Get in shape for sports or whatever they want to do.

Q: Are there any girls in the club and is it a co-ed club?

A: It’s all guys, there were a couple of girls who came and checked it out, but they didn’t really join. It’s mostly guys, for now.

Q: Do you play sports here?

A: No, not this year. My mom won’t let me. Because of the ACTs and stuff. But next year I’ll be doing wrestling.   

Q: What do you like about living here?

A: I like the air. It’s pretty fresh. You just don’t get that in Asian countries. Like it’s more watery, like humid.

Q: Did you wear masks?

A: No, the city I was at wasn’t that bad.

Q: What city did you live in?

A: It was Nanjing, near Shanghai. It was like two hours drive from Shanghai, kind of like from here to San Francisco, but a little bit longer, a little farther than that.

Q: How have you transitioned from your move?

A: The first year was kind of hard because I couldn’t understand what people were saying. But then after that year, I started doing sports, like wrestling, lacrosse, and football and stuff.

Q: How did sports help you transition from your move?

A: Before I did my first sport, wrestling, I was eating all the crappy food, like junk food and all that stuff, but then after the first day of practice, I felt horrible, and I started changing the way I ate, my diet. So I started eating more clean and healthy foods, but obviously I do cheat meals, but I’d eat like once a week or maybe once every two weeks. But on a regular basis, I eat pretty healthy and clean so I can feel I have more energy for going to the gym or for sports. I feel better when I eat healthy foods. I feel more fresh. Also, if you don’t eat good quality food, your body won’t develop for weight lifting, like you need nutrients and protein, carbs, fat for that–healthy fats. If you eat crappy food all the time, your body won’t gain as much muscle, it’s slower.