Election outcomes

Most of Leigh High School students are left shocked about the recent presidential elections. Up until Nov. 8, 2016, many presumed that Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton would be the next United States president. However, as the night progressed, Republican candidate Donald Trump’s lead gradually increased, and the election ended with the announcement that Trump had won with 279, as opposed to Clinton’s 228, electoral votes.

“I was actually pretty surprised about Donald Trump winning this election. Even though I didn’t want Hillary to win, I thought she was going to easily win the election,” said Chris Rue, senior.

Donald Trump won the election was because he won the majority of the swing states, US states where the two major political parties have similar levels of support among voters. Even though Hillary Clinton won the popular vote, Donald Trump won most of the states, including the bigger swing states, which some believe was rightfully earned.

“I think Donald Trump definitely should’ve won and I would be really surprised if he didn’t. Hillary Clinton would be terrible as a president and I’m happy we don’t have her,” said Martin Shteynman, senior.

Yet, people are still skeptical about the outcome of the election. Recently, Green Party candidate Jill Stein raised about $7.5 million to issue vote recounts in three of the major swing states–Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. These states were ones that had been leaning Democratic for most of the election, until the election night, when the Republican party won the votes of the majority of its citizens.

Despite this recount, Trump is still carrying out his policy plans in preparation for the day he becomes president. Donald Trump is planning to use the first 100 days he has in office to withdrawing from the Trans-Pacific Partnership and and cancel environmental restrictions by not coming out with new regulations every week.