I Can, You Can, We All Can Club

“I Can, U Can, We All Can” is a club at Leigh High School that specializes in raising money for academic summer scholarship programs by collecting cans and turning them in for recycling. The club was formed from the last Club Fair, and was created by Sarah Belew Gaidola with the help of her advisors. They have raised an estimated $328 so far, from two can collections every month, to be spent on a student scholarship called “S.T.E.A.M” ( Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math).

“Last year, I really wanted to go to a couple of camps myself for computer programing, something that really interests me and that I might want to get into when I get into college. But I realize that they’re extremely expensive and I can only go to one that I wanted to go to. I wanted to go to see if any of my friends wanted to join, and they said it was too expensive also, and so I got an idea to create I Can, U Can, We All Can to help raise money to be given towards scholarships to students for these camps,” said club president Sarah M. Belew Gaidola, sophomore.

The reason for this method of obtaining money for scholarships, as opposed to the more common charity drive method, is to both help further spread awareness while simultaneously helping the environment by recycling used bottles.

Aside from collecting bottles from around their neighborhood, the club has a plan to place bins around the campus, potentially sports stadiums and other business companies.

“People can dump their bottles and cans in there, and every once a month we’ll do our can collection, we’ll go and take all these bins and recycle them,” said Gaidola.

The bins would be similar to the large card-board canned-food drive bins, but due to the expense of these bins, the club is saving money to purchase them.

“We are getting fundings soon because we do have a sponsor.  As more time progresses I feel like we will get more money, but right now, I think we just have to be patient and just hope for the best.”

The club has a total of 15 active members. They hold meetings in Rooms 22 and 56, every Monday at lunch.