Take the real pine tree over the artificial one

There’s no question that tall pine trees and Douglas firs decorated with lights, ornaments, and a gold star are a classic Christmas staple; however, artificial Christmas trees have quickly become a popular alternative to this holiday decoration.

Having a fake Christmas tree instead of a real one has  more benefits than you may think. Made of plastic, it won’t require any time or watering for care, it doesn’t shed pine needles all over the house, it stays green all season long, and all of the branches are strong enough to hold whatever ornaments you have.

These artificial trees are also much more practical from a financial and safety standpoint. Making the trip up to a Christmas tree farm in the Santa Cruz mountains and cutting down your own tree can cost up to $50,  whereas a fake tree costs around $170– you can reuse the same one year after year! In addition, Christmas trees that have been cut down naturally dry out over time and can become a fire hazard; purchasing a fake tree completely eliminates this concern.

Unfortunately, fake Christmas trees tend to lack the traditional, rustic charm that real trees have. Some may even argue that it can take away from the spirit of the holiday. Real Christmas trees also look much more natural and provide that fresh scent of pine needles unique to the holiday season. Real trees have more character than a generic, artificial tree, and add a little more life to the Christmas festivities.

There’s something magical about decorating a real tree every year; although having an artificial tree may be a more feasible option for some families, it’s hard for them to compete with the holiday joy and warmth a real Christmas tree brings.